China president

China President Xi knew severity of coronavirus weeks before revealing details

Many people in China are calling for a temporary ban on the wildlife trade to be made permanent to help contain the coronavirus. (Feb. 14)
AP Domestic
President Xi Jinping on Sunday published a timeline of his actions to combat the coronavirus racing throug…
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coronavirus director

CDC director says coronavirus could stay in US through this year and beyond: CNN | TheHill

The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said Thursday that the coronavirus will likely stay for beyond this season, or beyond this year, as the disease has the potential to propagate in the United States.  
“Right now we’re in an…
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Biden Watch

WATCH: Biden jokes that New Hampshire voter is a ‘lying dog-faced pony soldier’ after electability question

2020 Democrat Joe Biden jokingly called a New Hampshire voter a lying dog-faced pony soldier” in response to her question about his loss in the Iowa caucuses.
Madison Moore, a 21 year-old student at Mercer University, asked the candidate at a town hall-styl…
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Food Recipes

Ayurveda: 10 Indian Foods to Eat EVERYDAY | 2018

These foods help in the overall health of a person when consumed daily. This list is compiled with reference to Ashtanga Hridayam, one of the many respected …
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